Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back to school

It has been almost three weeks since we updated! We are slipping so seamlessly back into "regular" life that it is hard to believe over a month ago we were sitting by Chloe's bedside in the hospital, waiting for her to wake up from surgery.

She has been healthy, with no complaints about pain or discomfort. Her incision site is healing nicely. Sometimes at the very top and bottom, where it is just a bit scabbed still, it itches her. But other than that, unless you can see the site at the top of her shirt collar, you would probably never know what she has been through. We will see her cardiologist again in a couple of months, unless something comes up that we need to see him sooner for, but so far, so good!

Chloe went back to school half days the week before Thanksgiving, and then she went all three days of school the week of Thanksgiving, full days. She was just a bit anxious about going back full time, but she has done great and has not shown signs of being too tired for it. She is caught up on school work. We are so grateful to her teacher and classmates for helping her, encouraging her and praying for her. They read this blog every day during her hospital stay and home recovery and prayed for her. We have been so blessed by them and our school community!

About ten days ago, Chloe and her dad went out on a date for dinner. They started this after her first heart surgery, which was in October 2003. They go out to eat on the anniversary of that surgery, just the two of them. With all the activity and planning for her second surgery, they never made it out on their date in October. So they went out in November to celebrate a successful second surgery and to remember the first. They had a wonderful time and had some delicious pasta downtown Holland. Now Chloe is busy making her Christmas list and getting ready to celebrate the birth of our Savior!