Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Week

It is almost impossible to think that one week ago Chloe had just finished a full day of pre-op testing, and we were facing her heart surgery early the next morning. And now surgery is done, and we are all home together, and Chloe is feeling great. She hardly complains of pain; in fact, what seems to bother her most is itching around her incision and chest tube stitches! Those stitches can come out tomorrow, and we are in process of setting up an appointment with her cardiologist for a post-surgery visit. Her teacher brought over a little homework for her to start with, and she has been working on that this afternoon, after a lazy morning of TV and a little Wii time with her younger brother! She received more cards today from classmates, and it is such a blessing to read the kind words of her fellow fourth graders, who tell her to get well soon, we miss you, we're praying for you.

Just for fun, here's Chloe...
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  1. How crazy is that! Amazing that the healing goes so fast although I bet it feels like forever to Chloe! Loved all the pictures! Ah, memories.

  2. Beautiful slide-show!! I live in Michigan as well. For a while there I was wondering if you were at Spectrum Health Hospital, but it appears to be U of M ? Thanks for sharing with us!!

  3. Chloe, we are so glad you are doing better! I loved the pictures! you are growing into a young lady with an immense amount of inner strength! keep it up and I will see you this summer! (I'll bring the claussens!)