Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chloe Says, part 2

Chloe is so much more herself tonight. It makes her parents happy and relieved! Even though having all her tubes out made her feel better, she still slept a lot this afternoon and did not want to do much of anything. Finally after eating some supper, she perked up, and for a good hour this evening she was smiling and talking with her mom and dad. She was interested in hearing all the comments on the blog, and especially liked the ones from her little sister Lydia. We had to read those twice! Chloe even decided she had a few things to say on the blog.

Chloe says...

Things she likes about being in the hospital:

The beds move up and down

Her own TV right in front of her bed

Her breathing tube with the little yellow ball

Food whenever you want

Nice nurses


Things she does NOT like about being in the hospital:


Stickers on her skin

Having to get out of bed and walk around

Not being able to fall asleep

Finally eating something - chicken noodle soup

Two of her awesome nurses

Some fun gifts from aunts, uncles and cousins

With her new American Girl doll Chrissa

Enjoying a slideshow her aunt, uncle and cousin made for her


  1. Good to hear from you Chloe!! And GREAT to see that smile! You are so tough!

  2. Chloe,

    It is wonderful to see a smile on your face again. Great list of likes and dislikes. We pray that you come home tomorrow and we marvel at the improvements you have made in such a short time. God's amazing healing hands are at work during this whole chapter of your life. We are looking forward to having you back at home.

    The Kroezes

  3. I'm glad your doing so good! I hope you can go home soon so you can be with your whole family!
    I will keep praying for you!

  4. Great pictures! I love the one where your looking up above your glasses with your hair way up high in a bun. Isn't it so funny that we always think of teachers looking that way, yet, I can't think of one teacher at HC who looks like that. :)

    I hope you enjoy all those gifts. It reminds me of when I was in the hospital in 2nd grade (appendics out). I had gifts, too, and my older sister let me borrow her paper dolls with all the clothes.

    I'll keep praying for you. (Now, I'm going back to the comments to find what Lydia wrote.)

    Jill Edstrom

  5. Hey there Chloe!
    So wonderful to hear that your tubes are out and you are doing and looking better.
    Keep hanging in there. I know the having to walk is a pain and if I remember correctly the echo after heart surgery does not feel too good either.
    Will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    From one heart warrior to another....Keep going strong!!
    Summer (congenital heart defect survivor as well)

  6. Good to "hear" from you, Chloe and even better to see that beautiful smile!!!
    Praying for a speedy quick recovery for you and prayers that you continue to get totally spoiled. (Love that new doll!)

  7. CHLOE, just got home from Israel with your granddad...we have all been praying for you and are so thrilled that you are doing so well...Yes, there were 55 of us praying for you and your good reports make us so happy.. We serve a very awesome God. It has been so amazing to see your progressl We continue to pray that every day you just get better and better. You are a trooper!!! Way to go. God has you in HIS very special. Sounds like you have a mom and dad who are so proud of you.
    Jane and James Wedgeworth, Hilton Head, SC

  8. We're so happy to hear about your great progress! Your experience has reminded us to be thankful for things we can take for granted.(like our heart valves) We'll pray that you continue to improve and your family is back together again soon!
    Lois and family

  9. Hi Chloe,

    I am glad to hear you are coming home soon and are feeling better. I like the doll that you got. I am praying for you.


  10. Hi Chloe,
    Your smile is priceless. I am so glad to hear that you may be going home soon. We'll keep praying....Judy

  11. So glad things are going so well! Thinking and praying for you, sweet girl!

  12. how is your surgery going. how are mom and dad doing. are you glad your pipes are all gone. how is your walking going. i love you, chloe. did you like my poster that i made for you. from mr g. otherwise known as garrett.

  13. Hi Chloe
    We are parying for you are table is lonely with out you i hope you get will soon. I was sick to for too days.


  14. jacob
    I'm glad your sergary went well. our whole class is praying for you. I've been on your website a ton!! I bet you can't wait to come home and go to school I read 5 books in the last week. but you can reed way more. from jacob

  15. jack
    hi chloe i heard your surgery went well . And i saw your purple blanket . thinking and praying for you.JACKFRYE

  16. Hey Chloe you feeling well? I'm happy that your eating and walking down the halls!!!!I hope you come back soon! from,riley

  17. Chloe,
    How are you doing? What are you doing? We are thinking about you, It stinks that you have to miss school. I hope you can come home soon.

  18. dear chloe
    our class is cheering for you to walk down the hall so you can come home! I wish you could come back soon!

  19. Hi Chloe we are praying for you. I hope you can come back to soon. We miss you so much.
    love Jenna

  20. Hi chloe,
    I'm glad you are better:) I'm glad you are coming home soon. We realy miss you, and are praying for you.


  21. Hi Chloe
    I miss you. I saw your presents and you can eat know that is awsome! I wish you were here because when we are in computer lab we would always race who could get in first but you always won!

    Love Aliya

  22. hi chloe
    i'm glad that your eating. i'm glad your coming home soon.I hope you come to shcool soon. I like your purple blanket to. I'll see you soon.

    your classmate james

  23. dear chole

    we hope you come back to school.we are praying for you in we saw your pictures.

    from will

  24. Hi Chloe
    Are class has been missing you. My family has been praying for you. I hope you recover good.I am glad that your surgery went good

    From Robert

  25. Chloe, Hey we are thinking about you. And we are cheering for you to walk down the halls. And reading in the classroom. And we hope you are here for next week at school. and it is floding in the roads and it has been raining and by the way James went out for icecream

  26. Hi the entire class is at your blog everyone hopes you will come home tomorrow or Sunday. How many books have you read?_____________

    P.S. James is going out for ice cream first boy to go.


  27. Hey Chloe,
    I saw you walking down the hall!That is great!

  28. hi Chloe,
    I miss you it makes me feel so mutch beter that you can come home soon. We have been praying for you every day. I hope you arn't in to much pain. I hope you can come to school soon I miss you so much:) love you chloe


  29. dear chloe I hope you feel better Freddy is doing good . We are praying for you . We are cheering you on. We had a hermit crab rase spide won.

  30. Dear Chloe,
    Our class is cheering you on. I hope you come home soon. I'm glad you are feeling better. Matt

  31. Dear Chloe,
    We miss you.Our class is cheering you on.Our class
    is so happy that you are walking.I hope you come
    back to school.It is so lonely next to me at

    p.s. ryan

  32. Dear,Chloe HI! I miss you so much were so happy your walking! I wouldn't like some of those things either. I love your Chrissa doll. Are you reading? I hope you have fun! Some pictures make you look board. Some make you look so joyful! I LOVE YOU! we are praying for you!

    Love Kailey

  33. Chloe...It is so wonderful to see you doing so well!!!!!Praise the Lord!!!It makes me very happy!!Jesus takes care of someone so special. Your Mom and Dad love you very much, but Jesus loves you even more.
    the Berens

  34. Hey Chloe!!!! Love you I hope u feel better I pray 4 you as much as I can :) I really want u 2 feel better :) I hope u feel better and can walk around more :) you are awesome and defenitly my friend I wish u can feel better :) I just really want u 2 feel better :D U rock!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Hope u get lots of yummy food 2 eat :) And can walk around more :) Go Chloe!!!! I can't wait 4 you to come back :)

  35. hi chloe
    we are praying for you we hop you fil better

  36. Hi Chloe this is Eli and i hope you get better and i hope you come back to school and you can come out said and run and play and everything like that so i hope you can come to gym with your class and play soccer and just dont get hit with a soccer just kidding and im happy that you are better and every one is happy and well thats all sincerly Elijah.

  37. Hi chole

    I hope you get better soon!How did you get this websit?

  38. Ih chole i am glad you are feeling better i am praying for you every day and i hoepe you can come home soon.

  39. Hi Chloe I hope you feel better.We are having fun in school.I hope you can come to scool soon.Ross

  40. Hi chloe have a good time jarek realy bey...................................................................................................................................................

  41. Hi Chloe,
    How are you?
    How was your sergery?
    We miss you.
    Sorry you missed your lumberjack day.
    Sorry you missed the field trip to meskegan.

  42. Hi Chloe we miss you and we hope you come home and I pray for you God is with you Brooklyn

  43. HI Chloe,
    I saw your AGD!! It looks cool!!!!!!
    Love Gretchen

  44. Hi Chole! I'm so glad you can walk around! Sorry you missed lumberjack day and the field trip. Hope you feel O.K.

  45. Hi Chloe i hope you are felling better.

  46. Hi chole we are praying for you.I like your american girl dall

    PS jest kiding

  47. Dear Chloe,I hope you are feeling better.

  48. Dear Chole,
    Have a great HOLLOWEEN tomorrow.I miss you sooooo much it is great that you are walking keep it up.
    I can not wait to see you again.You are reading arn't you well I hope so.Is the food good that they have?I am praying for you everywere I go I have to go now bye

    Love Jacee

  49. Hi Chloe,
    I heard your walking that's great!!!!!!
    How was your surgery?
    I hope you come to school soon.

  50. Hi, Chloe

    We are praying for you. I am so sorry you had to get surgery. God takes care of you. God loves you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Hi Chloe,
    Its so nice to see you smiling and getting better. Hope you can go home and your healing keeps going quickly and good.
    Madison and Sandy Randy Bouwer

  52. Dear, Chloe my mom tried to read your story but she got to emotional. she loves your doll. were all praying for you. for devotions we look at your blog. I'm reading a book about a guy goes who up to heaven for 90 minuts then comes back alive again! Were sooooooo happy your walking,talking and eating.tell your sister happy birthday! We love that your coming home soon! what are you being for halloween if your going. That ball thing looks so much fun! you look like they took a lot of IV's out. thats good your presents look so cool. Mrs Dozeman think's you can read all those comments in five minutes. I hope you like our book we made you. WE MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! kelsey and Zach are happy your getting out soon and smiling brihgt and happy! WE LOVE YOU!!! love the Dokters

  53. My daughter will be super excited to know that you got Chrissa. She just got her for her birthday. Glad you're feeling a bit better.