Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chloe Says

Chloe says thank you to everyone for praying and caring and commenting. She has been having fun reading the comments and knowing there are a lot of people supporting her.

Chloe wants you to know a little more about her, because while this blog is about her heart, there is so much more to her!

Did you know.....

Chloe LOVES horses.

Chloe is a huge BOOKWORM. She once read a 700 page book in 2 days.

Chloe loves SPAGHETTI. She can eat almost as much as her dad.

Chloe is NOT a morning person. She loves to sleep in.

Chloe takes piano lessons.

Chloe's favorite color is purple, her favorite book is Bobcat by C.W. Anderson, and her favorite movie is Samantha: The American Girl Movie

One thing Chloe does NOT like to eat is brussel sprouts.

Chloe's favorite subject in school is science.

Chloe likes playing games with her family. Her favorite game is Monopoly.

Chloe's favorite song is "Mighty to Save.


  1. Hi Chloe. I have to agree with you on brussel sprouts. They are the worst!!

    Horses. Aren't they just the best. Smart, powerful, graceful and beautiful. Just like you!

    How fun to get to know what a special young lady like yourself. You are in our family's nightly prayers.

  2. My little boy loves that song too. Do you sing it a lot in church too? I am praying for you to have a great surgery and recovery. You seem like a great girl. I love to read too.

  3. Cloe,
    today I read a verse that seems to fit in your situation in a special way: Ps. 119:71 "It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees."
    I believe that the Lord has some amazing and special plans and blessings for you and all this is part of that process. There are some truths and some traits of God that we can only learn as He walks us through some really difficult times.
    Please NEVER doubt that He is with you, He loves you, He has the BEST plans for you and that He is sovereign - that is- He will NEVER let anything happen to you that He has not already planned to use for His glory and for your good.
    Shine for Him and know that He rejoices over you with singing, and He holds you close to His heart every moment of every day.
    I am praying for peace and joy for you and your beautiful parents, for every day.
    P.s.: I LOVE your song, it made me cry as I listened to it with you on my mind...
    Blessings from Mrs. Rozsa

  4. Chloe,

    This is SO awesome! When I first read about you a few days ago, I thought of my own daughter who is 9 also. My daughter's name is Avery and I thought maybe you two could become blog friends. Now, after reading a little more about you, I am certain the Lord would like the two of you to be friends. You and her are alike in SO many ways! Avery LOVES horses too.... like is totally obsessed with them. She also takes piano lessons and loves to read. In fact, she has been known to hide books under her pillows so she can read in bed when she's supposed to be sleeping... bad girl!

    We posted a little bit about Avery for you on my blog...

  5. Also Chloe is an excellent chef and sometimes when she smiles she tips her head to the side a bit. It's a beautiful thing. Jacob says you are also really funny! We love you Chloe and all the wonderful things about you!

  6. Oh no, Chloe! I can't believe you ever had to even taste brussel sprouts! I'll have to talk to your mom about that. I'm sure they are good for you, but there are a lot of OTHER things good for you, too.

    I'm not much of an animal lover, but I always wanted a horse when I was a kid. I still like to look at them. I rode a horse a couple times back almost 20 years ago at Spring Hill Camp. I wasn't very good at it, but it was still fun.

    I'm praying for you, your family and the doctors. God loves you and he will take care of you.

    Mrs. Edstrom

  7. Hey! I know something else Chloe likes...and we share this in common.
    PICKLES!! But only the best...Claussen's

    Uncle C

  8. Hey Chloe,
    My name is Shannon Carter, and I have a little boy who is 6 months old named Derrick. Derrick had heart surgery when he was eight days old, and he'll be having another one in a few months. I love to read about kids like you, who are so brave and strong as they're facing surgery. It gives me hope for Derrick as he gets older. I hope he's as brave as you are.

    Our family will be praying for you, your family, and your doctors as you go through surgery and recovery. Please tell your mom and dad to keep us posted on your progress! We'll be praying for you!

    Shannon Carter

  9. Chloe~

    Good luck with your surgery this week! My daughter's favorite color is purple too:)

    Tami, Alivia, and Lainey

  10. hey Chloe and family!!
    I heard this song and thought of you guys! it's called "that's what faith can do" by kutless. Check it out!!

    I'm praying that your surgery goes well Chloe!!

    Kendra (your cousin) :)

  11. Chloe - Just wanted to remind you that there are so many people praying. We are praying for your family, the doctor's and nurses but especially for you. Know that God is holding you in the palm of His mighty hand!

    Laura King (Family friend from New Jersey)

  12. Hi Chloe,

    We have been praying for you, both during your surgery and each night before bed. We hope you are feeling better. Mia misses you at school!

    Thanks for sharing your favorite song with us. It's great to be reminded that our savior "takes us as he finds us, with all our fears and failures and fills our life again."

    We pray that God fills you and your family with his peace. We rejoice that the surgery was successful! We wish you healing rest and expectant hope for a quick recovery.

    Much love,

    Mia and family