Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ready for a good night's sleep

It has been another long day but also a good, hopeful one. Chloe ended up sleeping quite a bit this afternoon and was complaining of pain. But after a very long nap, she got up out of bed and went for a walk down the hall. This was a wonderful development and something that will help her recovery process.

She was tired afterward, but she still asked to do her breathing. She needs to take deep enough breaths to give her lungs a workout. After being on bypass during the surgery and then on a ventilator, she needs to make sure her lungs are in good shape. When she breathes with this pipe in her mouth, a little yellow ball moves up with her breath. She has a target to aim for with the yellow ball so she knows if she is taking good, deep breaths. You can imagine it would not feel so wonderful to take a huge breath the day after your chest was just opened up, but she has been working hard at this, probably because she knows it will help her get discharged and head home!

Now she is ready for a good night's sleep with her new purple blanket.

We thank you for your continued prayers and loving comments for Chloe. We have felt God's presence with us and know His arms are around Chloe.


  1. I am so happy that things are going so well! And it looks like she is resting well! Now Jeff and Charity, you need to get sleep as well! I know in the hospital, you are running on a lot of adrenaline to keep you awake, but when you get home it will catch up with you. So try to rest as much as you can! Praying without ceasing!

  2. Hi Chloe! You look like your doing so well in those pictures! I'm so glad the surgery went well! We have a wonderful God who performs miracles!we are praying for you every day!!

  3. Chloe you look so beautiful!! Impressive after surgery! I am so glad His arms are wrapped around you because that is where my arms want to be. (Have I mentioned I like seeing you holding that blanket??)
    Charity You are looking great too! Praying for continued strength for everyone.
    Had a nice talk with Lydia tonight!! She sounded good too :)

  4. Hi Chloe,
    We can't believe your surgery was yesterday and you are walking down the hall today. Good job! Keep up the good work with the breathing tube and the yellow ball.
    We thank God for answered prayer and for the strength and courage He has provided for you.
    Love from the Kroeze's and Mocha :)

  5. Chloe,

    Wow. . you are doing great and look GREAT! Even went for a walk already. Keep up the good work and you will be home soon. We are keeping you in our prayer's.

    The Rozeboom's

  6. Hey Chloe! I am so glad you are up and moving! Keep working hard! You are doing great!

    Jeff and Charity...I hope and pray for strength, peace, and the continued presence of God's hand in your lives through all of this.
    Take care!

  7. I'm praying that Chloe will be able to move that yellow ball up to the correct position. As I was reading your update I was sitting here taking deep breaths. How we take that for granted! (I'm glad nobody is around to watch me. They'd be wondering what in the world I'm doing.) We are all praying you home soon.

    Jill Edstrom